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Irvine Spine and Sport – Chiropractic is Much More than Treatment for Joints, Nerves and Muscles by Dr. Timothy Twombly

Irvine Spine and Sport – Chiropractic is Much More than Treatment for Joints, Nerves and Muscles by Dr. Timothy Twombly

Good morning everybody, this is Dr. Tim Twombly at Irvine Spine and Sport.

I’m here to tell you today, a little bit about like what Chiropractors do. The first thing that Chiropractors doing kind of what people think about when they think about Chiropractors is – we adjust the spine. The reason we adjust the spine is to remove interference from the nervous system. We want to create an environment where energy and information just flows freely to the body. We want that energy and intelligence to be available to all the cells all the time. We want to bring body kind a talking to each other and all the messages are sent really clear.

Lot of people know that they know what Chiropractors do is they “un pinched” pinched nerves and that’s a lot of value it’s because what it does, it takes the body from the state of imbalance back to balance, it takes the body from (WHAT?) back to more flexibility. It allows you to access strength to replace what may have been weakness.

The other thing that the Chiropractors do, we work hard to preserve the health of the bones. We work to stimulate the bones on the joints. One of the reasons that we adjust the body is to balance the bone structure. In doing that, what we do is we make it easier for the body to deal with jack hammering effects of gravity. The responsibility that we carry on our shoulders.

People know that but the other thing they don’t really think about it. When they think about the bones or they think about the skeletons, they think of something rather unearthed it’s almost like the (WHAT?) that we hang our clothes on. We don’t think of something particularly alive. If you look a little deeper, think a little bit more about the science, biology and physiology. What we learned is, we come up with the question.

Who is it that came up with the idea to create a way to helped us pinned up illness and disease? To fight infection and etc. was the bones came up with that idea?

Inside the bones, where we manufacture white blood cells about 95% of all your bodies like white blood cells and those immune factors are actually built inside of your bones. What these white blood cells do is they attack viruses, they attack bacteria, they attack parasites and they attack fungus. When you have mutagenic cells in your body the “mutans” of none of us like have to deal very much. It’s the white blood cells that attack them. That would help us prevent and suppress things like Cancer. That’s a big deal and that’s one other things bones do. We work on the joints and adjust the spine; we’re stimulating the health of the bone. An imbalance in the bone and the bone structure creates friction and that friction creates basic inflammation, inflammation is what leads to degeneration. The other thing that white blood cells do is you have red blood cells and the red blood cells were transport oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues in the body. When you take a deep breath and feel really good you have to thank your bones because your bones are the ones that made all that possible.

Again, we like to remove nerve interferences we want to get that nerve flow going but we also wanna really do everything we can to energize and maintain the health of the bones. So remember when you dance it’s the bones that do the dancing, when you’re gonna shoulder heavy responsibilities or take on those heavy loads the bones are  the things are there, the skeletons the things that’s there to help you out. Next time it rolls around to Halloween and people are like laughing at skeleton or going “oh it’s scary skeleton” kind a make fun with the bones. We’ll just think about you just turn them and say be “maybe you should respect those bones” Chiropractors do.