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Irvine Spine and Sport – How Does Pain-Relief Acupuncture Work for Neck Pain?

Irvine Spine and Sport – How Does Pain-Relief Acupuncture Work for Neck Pain?

Hi my name is Brent King. I’m an Acupuncturist here at Irvine Spine and Sport.

I worked with pain management and i’m also a Diplomat of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I’m here today to answer some questions regarding neck pain. For me, patients when their in pain they just want relief fast so they don’t care like where it comes from but they just want to be pain free. Acupuncture is really great because it can help you to get rid of your pain without using toxic drugs with side effects.

How it works?

We used stainless steel needles they’re very very tiny much smaller than what we are used too from western medicine. In fact, you could probably feel about 20 of hours acupuncture needles inside of a western hypordemic needle.

People are always concern – was gonna be painful?

Well, it’s really not than painful because needles are so tiny but once you come in and see them for yourself. Most of those fears regarding the needles will be relief.

How does acupuncture work?

Well, you have a series of 12 meridians in your body and their you can kind think of them as like your freeways. Living here in california where we all used the freeway, right? So, if there’s a car accident there’s an obstruction and in the body when you have pain, there’s an obstruction. What we do, is we go away from the side and we opened up the path way so that the body can flow and blocked that obstruction thats further down the road.

So you might say – Would you put needles right in the area of my pain. Like you put needles on my neck?

The answer is No.

We would put needles in your hands or in your ankles. When i say your hands – mostly in the wrist so yeah not fingertips of the palms so don’t worry about that it’s not gonna be that sensitive. Pretty much on the wrist and on the ankles we would use to work with the neck pain. Between 6-10 needles is okay with you and within just a matter of minutes you would see that your neck pain. On a scale of 1 of 10 and 10 is being very painful we can probably bring that down to 1 or 0 within just about 5 or 10 minutes.