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Irvine Spine and Sport – Pain-Relief Acupuncture for Neck Pain with Brent King, L.Ac

Irvine Spine and Sport – Pain-Relief Acupuncture for Neck Pain with Brent King, L.Ac

Hi, my name is Brent King. I’m an Acupuncturist here at Irvine Spine and Sport in Irvine, California.

I work with pain management and I’m also a Diplomat of Nutritional Chinese Medicine. So I also work with herbs.

A lot of people have questions regarding Acupuncture. They’re not really familiar with how it works. “Is it gonna be painful?” and so forth. So, the first question we have today is regarding neck pain. A lot of people have neck pain and everybody knows it’s no fun to be in pain. So the advantage that we have with Acupuncture is we can reduce that neck pain without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals and the side effects of those pain killing drugs.

So how does Acupuncture work?

Well, in acupuncture we work namely with 12 meridians and those meridians become blocked just like a freeway in California. When those meridians are blocked in your body it causes an impasse where things can’t flow the way they naturally would and that causes pain. So, the idea in Chinese Medicine is that you want to open up that freeway and clear it so the traffic can move freely. Instead of going right to the site of traffic or injury we actually use Acupuncture to pull the excess out of that area to kind of drain the area if you will. For neck pain, we might often use acupuncture points in the ankle or even in the wrist. With just half a dozen Acupuncture needles within 5-10 minutes we can reduce your neck pain down to 1 or 0 in most cases. That’s the basis of how acupuncture works.