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Irvine Spine and Sport – Relieve Upper Back Pain with Chiropractic Care by Dr. Timothy Twombly

Hi, this is Dr. Tim Twombly, practicing Chiropractor at Irvine Spine and Sport in Irvine. California.

Today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about maybe the most common thing that we see in our office and that’s people that complain about upper back pain. Pain kind of between the shoulder blades and when you ask them what they do all day long. They are sitting at the chair in front of the computer and so when they leave work. They get in the car hold this same position as they drive home. When they get home and they’re cooking or doing dishes or whatever. We live a life that’s kind of everything is sort of forward together down and end. When you do that all day long, then all the muscles on the front side will get shorter and tighter. The muscles around from your shoulders to the center part of your sternum and chest will those get tighter so what happens is you get a hands over and so you end up walking around looking like, guess what. Like you just betting down. Like you just been hammered down by gravity.

When people come in to our office. One of things we do is we fix that and that’s done through chiropractic technique we can show you those things and cover those maybe later. But i wanted to talk about was, it’s influence on posture. All day long in my office we saved families, moms and dads come in they come in with their kids.

And they turned to me and said “You’ve gotta talk to my son and daughter about their bad posture”

I show them exercise with do this great theory brand protocols and things really work but it’s hard to get people to do this. So i told them, I’m telling you a secret now. What I do is I talk about their kids and affected bad posture has on them. In that way sometimes that goes get through their parents.

This is what i told kids about posture. So i make parents get out of the room. Let’s say it’s a 13 or 14 year old boy and you know. He’s like “oh god i got to lost this chiropractic talk about posture”. So what i do is i told this. Think about it, when you’re sitting in the classroom, i want you to know something. When your posture is like this, you perceived as “stupid” or “lazy and stupid”. Not like tragically lazy and stupid but kind of lazy and stupid. If you sits tall and sit up straight you perceived as “smarter” and then when you answer the question or respond to the question. Even if it’s not the greatest answer in the world, you just go “Yeah that must be a good answer” because he really looks intelligent and smart. Young people like to hear that. The next thing is when they’re out walking around the campus. You walk like this, what you inviting. You’re inviting things like, bullying. You know, when you look sort of defenseless and helpless and betting down. You look like you’ve been beaten to high level. That level you’ve become more vulnerable. So it’s always good to say “You know what, you stand up straight and people will leave you alone. You look like you have what? Energy, power that you got a secret; you’ve got something going on. That’s really important!

Of course, the other place that really works for young boys. I said, you know guys stand up really straight and tall look more attractive to women and they got interested on that and their eyes up a little bit. We talked about things like that a little bit of persuasion but who doesn’t want to be more attractive.

Attraction was it that all about?

Attraction is a magnitude that you want to have. That’s what you want to have for everybody.

Come to our office and talk about that a little bit move that forward.

Nice talking to you guys today, Take care everybody.