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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Erickson is seriously the best chiropractor…”

Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Erickson is seriously the best chiropractor…”

I love this place!! Even though my insurance doesn’t cover any of my treatment here, it is totally worth every penny! Dr. Erickson is seriously the best chiropractor I have ever seen, and I refer all my personal training clients and friends to him. I shadowed him last year and was really impressed with how he took a comprehensive approach to fixing the problems people had, not just the symptoms. I finally got my husband to go (he had Achilles tendon pain and a big knot in his neck among other things) and he is amazed at how quickly Dr. Erickson helped him (Achilles pain gone after the first visit, neck still has some of the knot left after his second visit but it’s much smaller and has much more range of motion). For my treatment, he worked on the muscles in my shoulders to alleviate my neck pain, adjusted my hips so they feel aligned, and worked on my shoulders since they had started getting really rounded forward. After my first visit, I felt like a new person! He doesn’t try to set you up on a 6 month treatment plan like my chiropractors have in the past (only twice a week for a couple weeks, then once every few weeks to maintain the alignment since I’m in my third trimester and it’s easy to get out of alignment during pregnancy). He will tell you how many treatments you can expect and told me that if you are seeing a chiropractor every week or couple weeks for a long time then that chiro doesn’t know what they are doing. Seriously, you will be so glad if you give Dr. Erickson a try!

-- Heather H., Irvine, CA