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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Erickson is super impressive with his technical knowledge…”

Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Erickson is super impressive with his technical knowledge…”

I have been treated by all the docs at Irvine Family Health Center and I cannot rave enough about the treatment in this office. All the staff and docs are amazing and they have helped me a great deal with everything from headaches to knee issues from running.

Dr. Erickson is super impressive with his technical knowledge of the body and ART (active release technique), which is a specialized modality not many chiros are trained in. Dr. E has helped me with knee issues, neck, shoulder and just about everything else that has needed care! He is brilliant and an expert in the field. I would recommend him to anyone!

Dr. Twombly is such a sweet man and is amazing with fixing headaches because he is a master in cranial sacral technique. He is very kind and caring and has a deep concern for your well-being.

Dr. Parker is also very thorough and dedicated to fixing any issues in the body and his mechanical traction table helps make his adjustments very smooth.

All 3 docs create such a wonderful balance and I trust this office with my health completely.

Dale, the office manager is so sweet and caring and makes coming to the office a joy. The rest of the staff, including the awesome massage therapists make you never want to leave! I would consider this place like a second home! They are reliable, available, and extremely thorough. Go there if you want to feel your absolute best and be pain free!

Believe me, there are plenty of chiropractic offices out there that will take your money and leave you feeling worse than you did before you walked in, but this place truly knows what they are doing and is staffed with experts who truly want to help.

Invest in yourself and make an appointment to see Dr. Erickson today!!

-- Dori L., Santa Monica, CA