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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Parker took his time listening to my symptoms….”

Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Parker took his time listening to my symptoms….”

After a 20+mph collision on the K1 tracks a week ago, I figured I was good enough to get back into the gym. Nearing the tail of my workout, I felt a sharp pain in my neck and I immediately knew something was wrong. Sure enough, 30 minutes later I couldn’t turn my head in any direction without feeling sharp excruciating pain. When I woke up in the morning and couldn’t get out of bed without assistance I knew I needed help.
Having never been to a chiropractor before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I walked into the office as a walk-in and one of the docs came out and brought me into his office without a second thought. Turns out he wasn’t even on duty that day, just working on some paperwork, but he took the time to listen to my problem. He then phoned in Dr. Parker who came into the office 10 minutes later.
Dr. Parker took his time listening to my symptoms and was always up for small talk, he didn’t rush anything and after my first session I was able to turn my neck left and right without pain.
I went back the next day for a 2nd session and he did some more new adjustments to my neck and back. This was followed by a deep tissue massage (quite painful but worth it). I figured I would go pay at the cashiers after the massage but Dr. Parker called me back into his office. Earlier I had told him that being a post-college graduate I couldn’t afford any more sessions with him. He wanted me to come back in on Friday, with this session on the house. I was very surprised and immediately knew then that the most important focus of this chiropractic office was your treatment. Something I think we all want to find in any doctors we seek, but seldom find.
I just came back from his complementary session and I have full range of motion on my neck again.
Thank you Dr. Parker!

-- Hans K., Irvine, CA