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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Twombly was very patient…”

Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Twombly was very patient…”

Am a fan of chiropractors rather than popping pills and painkillers.

Had a decent chiropractor in Newport Beach who had been treating and maintaining me and my family for the last 5 years but the back pain I had since January was not easing up then on March 24th I went to my regular Chiro for an adjustment before I went for a hike on March 25th, I came out with a straight back but the pain had traveled to my butt joints. A day after the hike I had horrible pain in my left butt which traveled all the way to my toes, my left calf hurt like hell, just like a cramp while swimming. I tried painkillers, although I hate taking them, also tried hot and cold therapy but nothing worked.

I was in so much pain, I didnt have the energy to go to Newport Beach so I searched on YELP for a chiropractor near my house, I came upon Irvine Spine and Sport and read the reviews, called them on Wednesday morning to schedule an appointment, though they were fully booked, Victor managed to squeeze me in and my sister had to drive me to my appointment. I paid and printed the special they had on YELP and took that with me.

The doctor’s office was just a 5 minute drive, easy to find and very clean. While filling out forms I met a friend who told me she had been coming to see Dr. Twombly since 1994, which was very comforting to know and then she also asked Victor who my doctor was, it turned out it was Dr. Twombly.

Dr. Twombly was very patient and he heard me out then showed me what the issue was on his fantastic, interactive diagram in the lobby.

Then He adjusted my back and butt and asked me to walk, I was amazed.

The back pain which prevented me from getting up from a sitting position without help was GONE. I could jump up from the bed and walk without the pinch in my back.

My butt was still sore and Dr. Twombly showed me how to contract the muscle to ease the pain.
He asked me to come again in the evening at no charge then he would adjust my neck as well.

After the adjustment, I received a deep tissue massage which helped ease the cramped muscles and made me feel even better.

I went in at 6pm, I was 70% healed by then and he checked my back and adjusted me all over including my neck.

It’s been 2 weeks now since my first visit, I am 90% healed, no back pain at all, I can jump out of bed in the morning and don’t have to hold on to avoid putting pressure on my back. My butt and leg is also getting better and I would highly recommend DR. Twombly for his knowledge and expertise.

So far I have had massages by Dan, Emily and Joseph, all have been great. You walk in aching all over and walk out a new person.

Found a new friend in Dr. Twombly!!!

God Bless you all!!!

-- Fau Z., Tustin, CA