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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “I thank Dr. Twombly for his kind demeaner…”

Chiropractic Yelp Review: “I thank Dr. Twombly for his kind demeaner…”

I’m so thankful that I discovered Irvine Spine And Sport! I had terrible sciaticia and back pain that pretty much had me incapacitated. I could barely walk, and could only sit and sleep for very short periods of time. I went to a Chiropractic office in Newport Beach for a series of 12 treatments, but I didn’t care for the Chiropractor’s attitude and I was making poor progress with traditional spinal adjustments.

I was interested in trying spinal decompression and was pleased to see that it was offered as a treatment modality at Irvine Spine and Sport. I made an appointment with Dr. Twombly for a consultation and second opinion regarding my difficulties. He recommended that I get an MRI, so we could make an informed decision regarding treatment approaches. He didn’t charge me for the consultation.

After reviewing the MRI, I started a series of spinal decompression treatments that were extremely effective.  I immediately noticed a reduction in leg and back pain. By the completion of the treatments, feeling had completely returned to my leg and foot, and my back and leg pain was completely gone! I’m now playing golf and doing my regular physical activities without pain or discomfort.  I am so happy that I tried the spinal decompression treatments. I thank Dr. Twombly for his kind demeaner, excellent advice, and exceptional treatment skills.

-- Jerry S., Irvine, CA