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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “His adjustments are specific and expert!…”

Chiropractic Yelp Review: “His adjustments are specific and expert!…”

I have been a patient of Dr. Twombly’s now for 12 years.  He is a phenomenal chiropractor.

His adjustments are specific and expert!  What this means is that you don’t hurt and ache after he adjusts you.  He’s intuitive and thorough.

It wasn’t until very recently that I actually understood the millions of benefits that result from chiropractic care…but I can honestly pinpoint about 2 dozen conversations where Dr. Twombly tried explaining these things to me.  I guess I just wasn’t ready to listen yet.

Now, I know how beneficial getting adjusted is to my health and I’m a patient for life!

If you are looking for personalized, professional, and loving care, I highly recommend Dr. Twombly!

The massage therapists are very thorough too! I haven’t had a massage in about a year but, every massage I received there was phenomenal!

I think someone else mentioned that you might plan for a little longer of a visit.. 2 hours.  I concur… but just know that your time will be well spent!

-- Cristabella C., Laguna Niguel, CA