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Dr. Twombly is amazing! I sprained my lower back and had been in pain for a week before seeing him. After 3 visits I feel so much better. On my 2nd & 3rd visit I got worked on by Chris and he was spectacular. Couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience for my first time at a chiropractor.

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Everyone here is fantastic!  Dr Parker is the chiropractor I see myself, and he has really helped my back and my sciatica pain TREMENDOUSLY.  I did have to go quite often until everything seemed under control/healed.  Now it is only every few weeks or once a month that I go in.  Dr. Parker is compassionate and knowledgeable.  He worked hard to figure out what was wrong and gave me lots of ideas on how to manage my “injury” at home.  Wendy has been my massage therapist most times, and she is fabulous.  Victor, the office manager, is just great!  He is funny, friendly, positive, helpful, and an excellent gatekeeper.  The other office staff and doctors seem fabulous as well.  Prices

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “His adjustments are specific and expert!…”

Cristabella C., Laguna Niguel, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Twombly’s now for 12 years.  He is a phenomenal chiropractor. His adjustments are specific and expert!  What this means is that you don’t hurt and ache after he adjusts you.  He’s intuitive and thorough. It wasn’t until very recently that I actually understood the millions of benefits that result from chiropractic care…but I can honestly pinpoint about 2 dozen conversations where Dr. Twombly tried explaining these things to me.  I guess I just wasn’t ready to listen yet. Now, I know how beneficial getting adjusted is to my health and I’m a patient for life! If you are looking for personalized, professional, and loving care, I highly recommend Dr. Twombly! The massage therapists

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “I would HIGHLY recommend going to see him…”

Naomi S., Irvine, CA

Dr. Erickson is amazing!  He fixed my back in 3 visits.  I would HIGHLY recommend going to see him if you are having any back pain at all.

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “I experience results after my first visit!…”

Ellie P., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I concur with all the 5 Star comments below. I was actually referred to Dr. Erickson, by my boss Chalene, who’s referrals have never steered me wrong. Oh my goodness, not only is Dr. Erickson extremely knowledgeable, but as he explains the details of what is going on with your physical ailments/injury and how he is going to help you, he projects an obvious passion for his career! I think it is important when someone really loves their work and cares about helping people! I experience results after my first visit! In addition, the staff at his facility is equally kind, caring and simply amazing. Don’t wait… call and make an appoint today!

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “I would highly recommend them for any chiro issues…”

Helia S., Tustin, CA

I have been having neck and back problems for some time now and often times get very bad headaches.  I originally went to a different chiro in Tustin who was good, but presented me with an absolutely absurd treatment plan that required a ridiculous amount of time and money.  While trying to determine if this was something worth doing, I decided to call around and see if I could get a second opinion.  I ended up calling this office and was immediately given very honest answers from Victor.  He scheduled me for a consultation that very same day to meet with Dr. Twombly and well, I’ve never looked back! The service is incredible and there is an attention to detail

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Erickson is super impressive with his technical knowledge…”

Dori L., Santa Monica, CA

I have been treated by all the docs at Irvine Family Health Center and I cannot rave enough about the treatment in this office. All the staff and docs are amazing and they have helped me a great deal with everything from headaches to knee issues from running. Dr. Erickson is super impressive with his technical knowledge of the body and ART (active release technique), which is a specialized modality not many chiros are trained in. Dr. E has helped me with knee issues, neck, shoulder and just about everything else that has needed care! He is brilliant and an expert in the field. I would recommend him to anyone! Dr. Twombly is such a sweet man and is amazing

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr Twombly gives a thorough adjustment…”

Katheryn S., Irvine, CA

I found Dr Twombly through Yelp. I am so glad that I did. I stopped seeing a chiropractor years ago because I was tired of “the hustle”. Dr Twombly (and staff) are true professionals that genuinely care about your health and recovery. I’ve treated 5 times and am on the path to feeling brand new. Dr Twombly gives a thorough adjustment- from my feet to my neck. My balance is better, my strength has increased and I’ve seen much improvement in my condition. The office is very close to my home, which is wonderful, but I would follow Dr Twombly anywhere. I am very satisfied and feel as though I’ve found a home for my chiropractic needs.

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “He is cordial and informative…”

Shashikanth J., Irvine, CA

I would highly recommend this place. I’ve been to Dr Twombley’s for my back & neck pain,he educated me on the posture,ergonomics and few other exercise which keep me away from the pain. He is cordial and informative,the massage therapy is also good with experts in the facility.!

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Dr. Twombly was excellent and made me feel at ease…”

Sharon L., Irvine, CA

Such a nice office! Had to schedule a same day appointment because my back went Into spasm and could barely move and they got me in right before lunch! The staff are all so helpful and so friendly.  Dr. Twombly was excellent and made me feel at ease. Definitely would recommend this office!

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “His treatment philosophy and communication skills…”

Gabrielle Y., Santa Ana, CA

Dr. Kevin Parker is a true professional. His treatment philosophy and communication skills are unbeatable and specific enough to meet a wide variety of health care needs. Needless to say, I highly recommend him and trust him completely!

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “I came to visit Dr. Erickson to get my back...

James N., Orange, CA

Yelpers have done it again. I came to visit Dr. Erickson to get my back treated from a weightlifting injury. There’s another reason why they call a particular move the “dead lift.” Anyhow, I’d trust this guy with my life. He’s snapped me back from walking like C-P3O to–well let’s just say I was able to do a long hike and go forward with my busy weekend agenda. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be stuck in bed all weekend. He’s very professional, explains everything thoroughly, and his staff will help whip you back in shape with their deep tissue massage therapy. Customer service here is great and I’d highly recommend this office.

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “My experience at my first visit was amazing…”

Fatima F., Newport Beach, CA

I am a dancer and was having unexplained pain in my toes, so my dance instructor referred me to Dr. Erickson. Before going in to see him, I emailed him about my issue and he responded the next day and was very informative. My experience at my first visit was amazing. I did not have to wait long at all before being taken back into a room and Dr. Erickson came in no more than 5 minutes later. He gave adjusted me, worked on my feet, sent me to the massage therapist, and did more work on my feet and shins. I left his office feeling much better than I had before. I also found his rates to be extremely

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Truly are passionate about helping people…”

Edwin D., Henderson, USA

These Dr.’s are complete professionals. I have known them for about 5 years and they truly are passionate about helping people. I can’t recommend them enough!

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Chiropractic Yelp Review: “Love this place! I trusted my fellow Yelpers….”

Carolyn W., Irvine, CA

Love this place!  I trusted my fellow Yelpers because I needed a local chiropractor STAT!  I was not disappointed.  Dr. Erickson is just as great as all the other reviewers say.  Friendly, informative, gets right to the root of your issue.  I felt so much better after just one adjustment, and am feeling great after 2!  I have also seen Chris, the massage therapist twice now, and his massages are amazing!  Deep tissue – just what I needed!  As it turns out, my company actually has Dr. Parker and Chris come to our annual Employee Expo and has for years.  I highly recommend anyone in this office!  Everyone is super friendly!

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