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A Few Lines About Irvine Spine and Sport

Our Chiropractic practice is based on the vitalistic philosophy that recognizes that Health is far more than the absence of disease. Health is when every function of a body is fully realized and operating at optimal levels, creating a life full of healing, wellness and joy.

While some may view ‘health’ through the lens of symptoms and lack (pain, illness, disease, fatigue and weakness), Irvine Spine and Sport Chiropractors view Health in positive terms like: human potential, quality of life, optimal function, resistance to disease, vitality, strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

People visit their Chiropractors for more energy, improved sports performance, better balance, clearer thinking, optimal resistance to disease and to help ensure lives free from unnecessary drugs and surgery. We welcome you to our Chiropractic Family. We are excited for you to discover why so many ofour patients say, “Chiropractic brings out the best in me.”

We offer a number of services – ranging from comforting hands-on therapies like Chiropractic Therapy and Massage Therapy to revitalizing wellness services like Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Stress Management to the latest breakthrough medical technologies like Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy.

We look forward to making your Daring Adventure a happy reality.